Why do tattoos turn blue?

Many people notice their tattoos turning bluish over time, which might raise the question, «Why do tattoos turn blue?»

Why do tattoos turn blue

The primary reason is the spreading of tattoo pigments in the skin over time. As ink particles spread, they start to migrate from the original lines, causing them to look blurrier and less sharp. This is most noticeable with black ink, which often appears to be bluish or greenish.

The depth at which the ink is injected also plays a role. If tattoo ink is injected too deep, it can spread out in a layer of fat beneath the dermis, leading to a blurred and bluish appearance. At HALFMOON Tattoo, we ensure correct needle depth to maintain tattoo clarity over time.

In addition.

Sunlight is a major culprit in fading tattoos and making them appear bluish. UV rays can break down tattoo pigments, causing color changes. HALFMOON Tattoo advises all clients about the correct care for their tattoos, including how to protect them from sun exposure.

Quality of ink and the artist’s technique are also important factors. At HALFMOON Tattoo, we use high-quality inks and our experienced artists are trained in proper tattooing techniques, which minimize bluish discoloration over time.

In conclusion:

While all tattoos blur slightly and can shift in color over time due to various factors, choosing a reputable tattoo studio like HALFMOON Tattoo can significantly prolong the life and vibrancy of your tattoo.

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