Join us in our studio where we'll bring your tattoo to life. We proudly use vegan-friendly products during the inking process and recommend top-tier products for aftercare to assist your skin in healing post-tattoo.
Pantai Batu Bolong no.54a, Canggu, North Kuta, Bali 80351
  • How to make an appointment?

    There are two options of how you can book an appointment. You can either do it online or offline.

    • send a direct message on instagram @halfmoon.tattoo
    • send a request on info@halfmoontatttoo.com
    • use the feedback form on the website

    You can also book an appointment in the studio. Our manager will help you to pick the right time. There is also a walk-in option, but not every artist will be available for walk-ins, so we recommend contacting the shop in advance about availability

  • Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

    It is not necessary, but we would be grateful if you contact us the day before to confirm the appointment.

  • Is there a consultation with the tattoo-artist?

    Yes, we provide free consultations with artists or managers.

  • Can you make a sketch or refine someone else's?

    The artist can draw a sketch according to your wishes. They can use other people's sketches only to understand what you want to get. We don't work with other people's ready-made sketches, it goes against the principles of our community.

  • How much does a tattoo cost?

    The starting cost is 2 million for a small sketch. However, the price of a tattoo will depend on the artist and the piece. Usually we calculate the time and notify you about it.
    Start-price: 2 million (this is about 2-3 small tattoos), after - 2 million / hour.
    A full 6-hour day of a tattoo artist - 12 million

  • Do you need to leave a deposit?

    In order to book an appointment we will ask you to leave a deposit of 1 million (it is included in the cost of the session). The sketch is free.

  • How do I cancel a session? Is there a forfeit?

    If something went wrong and you cannot come, please notify us a day before in advance. We will reschedule and transfer your deposit. However, if you don't contact us within one day before the hour window or fail to show up for your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit.

  • What is a contraindication for my appointment?

    It is important for us to understand if you feel alright. We should make sure you do not have a fever and were not intoxicated the day before.

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