What pisses the tattoo masters the most?

Ever wondered what grinds the gears of your favorite tattoo artist? As it turns out, even the coolest tattooists, like our top-notch artists at HALFMOON Tattoo, have their pet peeves. Let’s unveil the top three things that might drive your artist a little batty (but they still love you, promise!).

There’s the «Pinterest Picasso». This is the client who comes in, proudly bearing a Pinterest image, demanding an exact replica. Our tattooists are artists, not photocopiers! They’d rather use their expertise to create something unique and tailored to you, instead of copying someone else’s tattoo pixel by pixel.

We have the «Never-ending Nitpicker». They’ll spend more time squinting and scrutinizing every single line and shade than an art critic at a Picasso exhibition. Remember folks, while being meticulous is great, excessive nitpicking can slow down the process and take the fun out of the experience.

We meet the «Price Haggler». They want a back mural for the price of a tiny ankle tat. Quality tattoos aren’t born in bargain bins! At HALFMOON Tattoo, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality work, and while we’re not the cheapest, we’re definitely worth it.

In the end
Every tattoo artist’s main goal is to give you a tattoo that you’ll love and cherish. So, let’s keep the creative process enjoyable and remember – your tattoo artist is a professional, not a copy machine or a bargain bin. Trust them, and you won’t be disappointed. And that’s our inky promise to you!

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